Welcome to the Fundraising Information Page!

One of the most important functions of the Jamieson PAC is to raise funds to enrich student life at school with special programs, field trips, resources and community events.

What will be funded for 2019/2020?

  • Technology.  PAC will fund the initial purchase of a set of laptops and some iPads for use in classrooms.  But we still need help!  Check out the Technology Direct Drive Fundraiser page for more information.
  • Earthquake Kits.  PAC will fund an Earthquake Kit for each classroom as well as the office, library and resource rooms.  High-visibility vests, tarps, first aid boxes, etc. will be available in a specially-marked backpack that is easily transported in the event of an emergency.
  • After School Sports Programs.  PAC has allocated some funding to support after school sports programs, should any additional equipment and/or materials be needed.
  • Student Volunteer Appreciation.  PAC has allocated some funding to hold an Appreciation Party for all students who volunteer at the school (e.g., Safety Patrol, Library Monitors, etc.).
  • Agendas.  The PAC purchased agendas for each student at Jamieson.
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) field trip for the entire school.  Intermediate classes will attend a concert in the Fall and primary classes will attend in the Spring.
  • Special programs.  Last year, the PAC sponsored “Jess Dance” which provided each student an opportunity to learn a new cultural dance and show off their moves in a Spring Show.  New special programs will be sponsored this year.
  • Field trips.  The PAC supplements the costs of various field trips for all divisions throughout the school year.
  • Scholarships.  Four deserving Jamieson alumni attending Eric Hamber and Churchill will be awarded monetary scholarships to aid their post-secondary education.
  • Classroom support.  The PAC provided funding to teachers and support staff for discretionary purchases not covered by VSB budget.
  • Strings purchases.  Last year, the PAC purchased two new bass instruments!  Funds were also allocated for ongoing instrument upkeep and other materials the Strings program needed.  Funds are allocated for new strings purchases this year.
  • Books and other materials for the Library.  Visit the library for the new titles showing up on the shelves!
  • Sports Day.  Treats and drinks will be provided to all students.


How does the PAC raise these funds?

With the generous support of our Jamieson community!  The PAC holds many fundraising initiatives throughout the school year.  The Hot Lunch program is Jamieson’s largest and most successful fundraising activity, raising approximately $30,000/year for the school.  Other fundraisers include:  Gift Cards, Silent Auction, Strings Concerts, Eat Yer Meat, Yearbook.  Be sure to check the Fundraising tab often for updates.


How can I help?

These fundraisers would not be possible without the support of our Jamieson administration/teachers/community, and help from our Jamieson families.  Consider volunteering for one or more of our programs.  Click the button below to sign up!

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