Dear Jamieson Parents,

Thank you to the individuals who have responded to our email. Several have sought clarification which I hope this letter serves.

The advanced orchestras are important because it is an example of Jamieson’s strong culture of learning, through music, languages, and academics. It demonstrates that with effort, a child can accomplish much more. It is not a music lesson. It is a life lesson.

Like an orchestra, it takes several players to bring the learning to life: a caring staff to foster a desire to learn, curious students, and the involvement of families and administration to support the endeavor.

Mr Colpitts’ willingness to continue to lead the orchestras remains steadfast. But to nurture young talent requires the collective investment from all of us – students, families and administration – to continue to support the program, to protect his time and space so he can continue his work.

What do we want?

We are seeking a commitment from administration to support the orchestras. While we do not have all the answers, we want to advocate for the program, and help the school explore solutions to enable the orchestras to continue.

Long after today, our children will remember that they performed in auditoriums, for dignitaries, and won golds at music festivals. They may or may not pursue further music education, but they will have had an insight into the journey.

Without these extracurricular groups, the strings program would be an eroded version of an excellent program, and a great loss for future families.

Thank you,
Grace Chan
Jamieson PAC Chair

Save Pops and Advanced Strings Orchestras