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Dear Parents,

On April 18th, MLA Michael Lee (Vancouver Langara) met with several elementary school PACs about the Hamber seismic upgrade. Jamieson parent Anne Yu attended representing Jamieson PAC (thank you Anne).  Mr Lee is committed to bringing the Hamber petition to Victoria next month ahead of the Provincial Government Treasury Board Meeting. Please see below Anne’s message and Mr Lee’s letter to the Education Minister. And consider signing and sharing the petition urgently before May 1st. 

Thank you,
Jamieson PAC

“This message is for parents who are concerned about the future of public school system in BC. Decisions are being finalized in next few weeks that will affect YOUR children as they enter high school. Even if you do not plan to send your kid(s) to Eric Hamber, this is an important discussion that needs to be had with those in charge of our public education system about how we want schools to be built in the city (support inclusiveness, arts, sports), how funds are being allocated, and who makes those decisions on behalf of the community.  Hamber could just be the first example of how these projects will roll out throughout the city.

“Do not be complacent and accept a sub standard level of planning for the future student. No auditorium, no field, small gym… in fact 25% smaller than existing school with no consideration of the condo developments in the area… that’s just not acceptable. The issues are complex but the good people who have led the fight so far have been amazing in their relentless effort to educate the public and the decision makers.

“Please, if you have not already done so sign the petition. MLA Michael Lee has committed to bring and present the petition to Victoria in the first week of May before Parliament closes its current session. Send to all your friends. I wasn’t one to be engaged in politics before, but here I am because this matters. What type of society do we want to live in? This petition is the first step to making sure our voices are being heard. Thank you!”

Eric Hamber Support Letter – MLA Michael Lee

MLA Michael Lee to bring Hamber’s petition to Victoria early May