Welcome to the Jungle!

Need plants for your home or as a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker?  Shop and purchase through the Growing Smiles Online Plant Store!

Jamieson Elementary and Growing Smiles have worked together previously, in bringing the very successful Spring 2021 Plant Fundraiser to Jamieson families.  Remember those beautiful planters, and hale and hearty veggies, herbs and succulent trays?  They were supplied by Growing Smiles.  Jamieson Elementary is pleased to be working with Growing Smiles again, on this plant affiliate program.


Just click on the below link to shop and purchase your next plant:


Free shipping on orders $50+.

Free decorative pot for every plant!


With each successful order, Jamieson Elementary will receive 5.00% as the fundraising commission per percent of sale.  All proceeds will go towards Jamieson’s school enrichment activities!

Thanks for supporting Jamieson Elementary!