What is the PAC

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is the officially recognized voice of school parents, sanctioned by the Ministry of Education. Through PAC, parents and guardians have an opportunity to express their concerns and aspirations on matters relating to the school and education.

Who are in the PAC

If you are a Jamieson parent or guardian, you are already a member of PAC! You are welcome to attend monthly PAC general meetings, and you entitled to vote. Learn about the latest news or bring your questions/concerns to meetings and make yourself heard.

What does the PAC do

Jamieson PAC strives to support our school community by:

  • Educating and informing families about the school
  • Fundraising for school needs
  • Advocating on behalf of students and families

PAC Executives meet monthly to discuss activities, projects and current issues.

Click here for a more detailed description of PAC Executive roles and responsibilities.

What does the PAC fund

In previous years, PAC’s two primary sources of funding were the Hot Lunch program, and the community gaming grant. Funds raised were used to enrich the learning experience, enhance extracurricular opportunities, and support students and staff; for example:

  • School supplies – Student agendas, annual classroom grant for class supplies, playground buddy jackets, art supplies
  • Technology needs – software, hardware, accessories
  • Library needs – books and furniture
  • Strings program – music instruments, etc.
  • Gardening program – supplies
  • Field trips and guest presentations – annual VSO field trips, Saleema Noon body health education, Infinitus music workshops
  • School equipment – sports equipment, bicycle racks, playground equipment
  • Scholarships – Eric Hamber and Churchill secondary school scholarships for outstanding Jamieson alumni students.

Get Involved

  • Subscribe to PAC news
  • Volunteer at school or at PAC events
  • Attend PAC meetings
  • Purchase gift cards, plants and more, and support Jamieson’s fundraising initiatives

PAC Executives

Chair: Olivia Lau
Secretary: Grace Hoffert
Treasurer: Terence Chow

Members at large
Jonathan Au
Winnie Ho
Andrew Kwan
Michelle Leung
Wendy Man


PAC Executive: info@jamiesonpac.com
Hot Lunch Committee: lunch@jamiesonpac.com

PAC Constitution


Useful resources

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